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Luckily, I'm situated in the thick of it. Lots of lots of tasting. Not to mention a p/t job at a winery tasting room.

Also luckily, the local community college has lots of wine classes. I've taken several adult ed tasting classes such as "component tasting" & "Italian wines." I've also taken credit courses in enology & viticulture in the distant past.

This spring I have three short courses:
- Calif vs France
- Enology & viticulture for tasting rm people
- Professional wine judging

I hope I don't flunk out from such a full schedule and have to repeat anything. Wink

I used to read the wine mags, but don't much any more.

I think lots of tasting is the best way. Joining or starting a wine group is a great idea. We belonged to one for several years. Would like to find another.

In fact, I was just out today doing some "research" in Dry Creek Vly. Lytton Springs, Pezzi King, Dry Creek & Wilson.

It's not over-supply. It's under-consumption. Do your part!
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