Reply to "Wine Coolers"

Thought I would share my experience with Wine Coolers...

I started with a cheap Danby model for 24 bottles, used it for many years. Still works, however it does have plenty of limitations...

  • 1. Because it's built like a standard fridge it tends to be noisy and vibrates when its running
  • 2. It does not have humidity control
  • 3. It can drop and rise in temperature easily by 5 degrees

So after using the Danby for 3 years, I decided to make an investment into a proper wine cooler. I ended up choosing Sub-Zero based on reviews and posts I read. Haven't been happier with my wine cooler I bought at Goemans... I can now trust it to keep my expensive bottles.

Wine Cooler checklist:

  • Cooling method; Thermoelectric, etc (you want one that will have minimal vibrations)
  • Glass Door? If so, ensure it has UV protection and double pane
  • Single vs multi temperature zones (your choice)
  • Humidity control (important for long term storage)

Hopefully this make-shift guide will help someone make a smart purchase.