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Reply to "Wine Cellar question"

Greetings Hoopty and GregT

Sorry for the delay in replying but I have to support my scuba and wine habits by traveling all over the US as a computer consultant. Not sure which hobby will cost moreSmile

I'm a different scuba steve though. I'm not a member of the Florida Sportsman Forum but I might check that out.

Thanks for the feedback on the comfort 260.

We have found a local off site storage facility that we are going to use until we make a decision on a cellar. And with that we can start to add to our new collection.

After researching more here and spending a lot of time with my good friend google, we know that a 100 bottle unit is going to be too small.

Excellent tip on the local maintenance GregT. I have noticed a lot of the manuals are European with references to 50 cycles etcSmile