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Wine Cellar question

First greetings to all from the new kidSmile

I am just starting out and have a few bottles of Grange 2001 that I am using to kickoff my new habit.

I have read as many of the posts here on Cellars that I can find and it seems most folks favor EuroCave and Vintage Keeper.

EuroCave has a sale right now on the EuroCave Premier 100 Wine Cellar at Wine Enthusiasts. Just curious if anyone has one and can comment about their experiences with it.

Also there is a silent cellar distributor near me here in Tampa Fl. I have not found any threads that discuss that brand. Just curious how that brand stacks up against the others

Thanks in advance for your replies. I know its a topic that probably gets discussed a lot, but its the most important item next to the wine itself


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