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Reply to "Who knows Pinot Noir?"

There have been some good recommendations. I would like to add:

Melville Estate
Melville Verna's
Londer Anderson Valley
Lemelson Thea's
Merry Edwards Sonoma Coast
Chasseur Sonoma Caost and RRV (Typically can be found at retail stores for around $35-$40)

As for specific vintages, James Laube recently had some positive comments on his blog about the 2006 De Loach Russian River Valley . Over 17,000 cases were made, so it should be easy to find. The suggested retail is $20, but I am sure you will find this for less if you do a little searching.
The 2005 Belle Vallee Willamette Valley ($22) was an incredible value, as well as the Reserve ($32). The 2006's are starting to hit the shelves. Based on Harvey's recent comments about the '06 Oregon vintage on his blog, it will be worth giving these a try as well.