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Who knows Pinot Noir?

Good afternoon,
I am learning to like Pinots and would like some suggestions of some of your favorite Pinots. I like both Cali and Oregon Pinots as well as French burgandy. I would like to find some really good pinots at a reasonable price.
$35.00 and under.

My favorites I have tried but are really expensive for me are Tandem 2003 Sangiacomo Vineyard Pinot Noir, Domaine Serene Evenstadt 2004, Kosta Brown Russian River Valley 2004, Sea Smoke 2004 Botella.
All great but to much for my wallet!
I have tried and liked at better pricing

Fluer 2005
Taft Street 2004 Sonoma Coast
Rutz Cellars 2004

Thanks for your help!

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