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Check out this thread. A few of us, myself included, are building out cellars now.

You can build a cellar under $10k, easily. If you have a decent space (even just a 5x8) you can easily fit 1,000 bottles.

Some pros to a cellar are less refrigerator units running, aesthetics, better organization / access, once you get up to 800+ bottles they're most cost-effective.

Some pros to the EC are some redundancy (if one unit fails, you still have the other units running and keeping wine cool), if you move, they move.

I considered doing a wall of matching EuroCave instead of my walk-in. However, I have close to 1,000 bottles right now, so I would need 6 units for this to start making sense. At that point, I'm up to $12K and still don't have the capacity or aesthetic appeal, and it's probably much more expensive to run those 6 compressors than the 1 larger one.

Yep. I think the math makes sense. I'm going to price out the cellar construction maybe, because the collection is getting bigger and more expensive (though I can't even touch some of the prized collections of some serious wine experts on this forum, but hoping to get there one day).

Thanks much y'all. If I do get the EC, it'll be a lovely add to the house, and the "if you move it moves" argument is a winning one.

Read the thread I linked to.

If you use a "wine cellar company" it will be expensive. If you hire a normal GC and just provide some very strict guidance, you'll save a lot of money.

Wine Cellar companies are great, but they really charge a premium for their knowledge. The thread I linked to goes really in-depth regarding what you need. If you just tell the GC "do the following, exactly as I say to" you'll save a ton of money.

Once you get close to the 700 bottle mark, if you have the space, a very utilitarian cellar will run you far less than a bunch of separate units, especially when it comes to monthly power costs. My cellar is going to have some decent aesthetic appeal, but it'll be primarily functional, and I'm coming in under $8K. Conservatively, I'll be able to store 1,200 bottles. If I really "go for it" I can get over 1,500 and maybe even close to 1,800.