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Reply to "Whiffed on Artevino Eurocave at Costco..."

Originally posted by Jorgerunfast:
Check out this thread. A few of us, myself included, are building out cellars now.

You can build a cellar under $10k, easily. If you have a decent space (even just a 5x8) you can easily fit 1,000 bottles.

Some pros to a cellar are less refrigerator units running, aesthetics, better organization / access, once you get up to 800+ bottles they're most cost-effective.

Some pros to the EC are some redundancy (if one unit fails, you still have the other units running and keeping wine cool), if you move, they move.

I considered doing a wall of matching EuroCave instead of my walk-in. However, I have close to 1,000 bottles right now, so I would need 6 units for this to start making sense. At that point, I'm up to $12K and still don't have the capacity or aesthetic appeal, and it's probably much more expensive to run those 6 compressors than the 1 larger one.

Also depends on available space and layout of your home. I would love to have a full cellar like you are building, like Miami Atty built and like Otis' (these are whose I have seen) - but it was not practical. So we have 2 Eurocaves and 2 giant Vinotemps for now with an added Eurocave bought for Key West where we hope to ultimately build a real cellar once we settle in and recover from the original build expense.