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Reply to "WHERE Vancouver, BC"

Posted by wine, women & song:
hey seaquam,
my & the ladyfriend are heading to
vancouver in april for a few days,
then hitting tofino & maybe sook (sp?).
any places i shouldn't dare to miss,
and how's the weather in mid-april?

The weather is unpredictable in the PNW at that time of year; possibly sunny and warm, probably wet and cool. It's a crapshoot.

I'm ashamed to say that I've never been to Tofino or Uklulet, though I understand the scenery is spectacular. I assume you'll be heading to the Wichaninish Inn?

Sooke is tiny, with nothing there, really, except for the Sooke Harbour House restaurant (and a few B&Bs nearby). It gets great press, but everyone I've ever spoken to who has gone there has been disappointed. Perhaps their expectations were too high, but their experiences have been consistent.

In Vancouver, there are a lot of great restaurants. Some newer ones worth seeking out are Bis Moreno (Italian, tasting menus only, seriously good!), Cru, L'Emotion, and there's always new ethnic places opening up (and closing down). As your trip approaches, remind me again, and I'll post a few more places that are currently good.

If you guys would like some dining companions while you're in town, my wife and I have recently mastered the knife and fork and are no longer an embarrassment to the people at our table. We're also going to take a course soon on discussing wine, weather, and current events. We can correspond by e-mail if that appeals to you. Smile