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Reply to "Where Have All The Century-Old Vines Gone? (The Hidden Story)"

Originally posted by Peter "Vine Master":

I dare say if the varieties & history were reversed so our Great Old stuff was Syrah & yours was Zinfandel. The most influential American writers would be touting Zinfandel & we would be saying it's only Syrah maybe because it’s an import from a place Americans like to visit…


Disagree completely with this one. Syrah/Shiraz has a glorious and respected history in France where it is highly regarded and has a reputation for producing high quality wine that can be long lived. That has been the case for a long time, and with good reason.

With equally good reason, Zin does not have that reputation and is unlikely to ever achieve it.

Merlot is a wonderful grape when blended, but the number of "great" Merlots can be counted on one hand, possibly one finger. Wink Grenache is in the same camp. Wonderful blended but will rarely make wines that can rival the classic Cabernets or Shiraz wines.

And that's the commercial reality and why old vine Zin grape prices are lower than other varieties.