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Reply to "Where Have All The Century-Old Vines Gone? (The Hidden Story)"

Originally posted by Peter "Vine Master":

When it crosses the ocean, exchanges for the weaker dollar, gets marked up… I’ve never seen Grange under $100 & recently saw it in the $260 range! Of course I’ve never bought it, as I have never had a car with less than 100,000 Miles & fewer than 9 years old. I am not trying to get rich but would like a third bedroom so my little boy & girl could have separate rooms.


I never said Grange was $100 a bottle. (That sounds aggressive - its not intended.) Its more expensive in Oz than in the US due to demand. Grange is but one wine that comes out of Oz and as I said, it does not necessarily have to come from old vines.

I fully appreciate the work and cost involved in producing old vine material, but they are still Zin grapes. You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear, no matter how good the sow. That is the problem you face.

In terms of cropping levels, in Oz the red cropping levels are different to the numbers you quoted.

The red stuff that is grown in the Riverina ( many of the cheap wines that are marked "product of SA Australia") are cropped at around 5-6 tonnes but that stuff sells from $10 to $20 approximately.

In the Barossa the average $25+ wine is cropped at less than 4 tonnes to the acre. Much of the stuff that costs over $40 is around 2 to 3 tonnes per acre. Many of the very old vines crop at from .5 to about 1.5 tonnes to the acre.

I can understand your frustration, but you are growing Zin and therein lies your commercial limitation.