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Reply to "Where Have All The Century-Old Vines Gone? (The Hidden Story)"

Originally posted by Sandy Fitzgerald:
We must be to close to election season. Some people want higher taxes regardless.
To me the problem with your filibuster is:

1. Since some wines are overpriced, these other wines should be overpriced also;

2. You seem to be asking for higher prices for the "old vines" wines regardless of actual quality! I drink some "ov'ers" that are wonderful. I've drank others I wouldn't buy regardless of price.

A concept you may not like is that higher taxes/prices is not always the answer. But that's IMO.

Sandy Fitzgerald, TORB & most of pointed out QUALITY

I agree that some wines are over priced but those that consistently produce the top quality & are rare, special, and actually cost much more to grow & make deserve to be at the top.


There are a some old vines that either are not well farmed & some for example have survived deep clay soils with high water tables & just can’t match the quality we get on our shallow sandy loam.

I use many words here but I’m highlighting 25 years here, I have been told that many times what I grow is the best – I know I am at least near the top:
I started reviving our old vines in 1984 & for 8 years nursed very weak vines to a much better health with the help of a white Zin contract which required sugar levels about 45% of what we wait for in the good stuff. While many took the opportunity to put on mega crops I did increase ours a bit but used the opportunity to allow the vines to add an extra 6 weeks of trunk building strength each year ….in the early 1990s I started making some wine to find out & show what it can do by itself. I soon had multiple wineries buying some off this tiny block.

>>> One entered it in the California State Fair in 1995 & was honored as the Best/ Sweepstakes Red wine of the entire show.
That year we contracted the rest with another winery who has many sources of acclaim:

>>> Parker: Over the last 10 years+ has only once given it an 89, & once the rest have been 90 to 94, in 1998 The wine Spectator put the vintage down as a disaster except for 2 Zinfandels that mad it in to the 90s ours got a 91.

>>>They entered our Zin in The Sonoma County Harvest Fair a couple of times: won the The Sweepstakes Best Red wine of the show & I was personally honored As Grower also- The other time It took A gold & was Judger for The Sweepstakes again.

>>> I also happened to make some my self that year & over the course of 2 years I entered it in to all the top 12 USA (blind) competitions & won a Gold or better in every show…..
….. Dose 15 years of independent consistent top ratings mean anything?