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Reply to "Where Have All The Century-Old Vines Gone? (The Hidden Story)"

Originally posted by GreenDrazi:
It’s Zinfandel - what do you expect?


You got it in one. Old vines don't mean a damn unless the vines are capable of producing top quality wine.

In Oz, at the farm gate, old vine Shiraz grapes commands a far higher price than Grenache from vines of the same age. That cost differential generally flows through to the price of the wine.

FWIW, as an aside, Grange can come from young vines if the fruit is good enough. The fruit for Grange can be sourced from anywhere in Oz.

In Oz, top quality Grenache from 100 year old+ vines is normally between $40 - $65 a bottle with only a very few above that price. Shiraz from vines of the same age probably start at $65 and average close to $100. Many go way higher.