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Reply to "What to wear out?"

@napacat posted:

I love dressing up and miss wearing a tie.  Have not done it since the pandemic…but should bring it back.  I think (in general) most Americans dress terribly poor. Florida is too warm to dress properly…if I could it would be suit and tie every day of the week ( sans weekends).

I cannot resist.....

1)  "(in general) most" is redundant.
2) "dress terribly poor"...the word should be "poorly."

3)  "Florida is too warm to dress properly" -- Florida is a state.  It doesn't dress. The people there, residents or visitors, dress (except for the nudists).

But, here is a question:  Napa..... What prevents you from wearing a suit and tie every day of the week?  If you choose to do so, you may well be in the minority, but you are free to exercise this sartorial expression.

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