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Reply to "What Stocks do you like right now?"

bfw posted:
g-man posted:
heh not saying they aren't legit,

but that sounds totally like a boiler room type of trade.

hopeuflly he's more correct than goldman predicting Brent @ 80$/barrel in the short term

Hey Gman,

Do you remember writing this a few short months ago

You do know that Brent hit over $80 right

Looks like Goldman had the last laugh on that prediction.



bfw posted:

"Perhaps Goldman is anticipating this with their recent call for Brent to hit $82."

The call from goldman was brent to hit 82.  It went an intraday of 80.5 like 3 days ago before promptly dropping and closing at 79.80, then took the next few days to hit 76.44 because as I've said, people are underestimating US production which I was spot on about.  Political tensions is what causes the recent run up and unfortunately I can't control the big orange idiot in office so I can only buy on the rumors and sell on the actual news in this market environment.

So I took BP from 41 and up fro the ride at 47, and sold as soon as I saw the US production numbers.

But Sir, I've been far more accurate on oil predictions than anything you've been saying so far =)

How's your blogger's trade idea working out right now?