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Reply to "What Stocks do you like right now?"

Originally posted by steve8:
I wouldn't write off Baytex. It was really over-bought so needed a pullback.

BFW, I agree that CDN heavy oil is seeing an upsurge because of Venezuela, but not sure it's really benefiting BTE right now. Reading their Q1 report it's their Eagle Ford properties which are helping cash flow.

Their debt levels worry me still.

As for Crescent Point. I hold this dog. Last year I started to sell some for tax purposes and will continue to do so as needed. I hope management gets more than an earful today at their AGM, but not to the point of putting 4 Cation people on the board. 0.8% of the shares doesn't even come close to warrant that.


BTE is up about 70% in a month and some are complaining of a 3.3% drop today?!?

Anyway, their heavy oil will benefit them big time going forward. Debt levels could easily be dealt with if oil prices continue up as I expect. They can always sell some Eagle Ford.

CPG is hated so will take longer to rise.

My broke out today on big volume to new highs. Should be more running room ahead Smile