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Reply to "What Stocks do you like right now?"

Originally posted by bfw:
Originally posted by g-man:
just like how how oil is going to reach 80$?

reading and blindly believing goldman feels intellectually lazy to me =)

Easy there Smile

Perhaps we should discuss the NKTR that you were crowing about lol! $93 to $73 in a few short days. While VLE is up over 10%...hmmm.

I am not directly long oil as I mentioned. I am long some oil equities. They are
mostly down in the correction with everything else. I believe you will see some sector rotation once the S&P and Nasdaq finish their correction. That remains to be seen...

As for Goldman, I am always wary of their calls...I’ve been investing for a long time...but I do fundamental research on the oil markets and I believe you will see them tighter by the end of the year.


oh i've been selling every single gain/pop i've got this week. so NKTR was stilla great trade since winetrooper suggested it at 72$ and that was a nice 1 week 10% pick up.

I have 0 reason to trust any rally.

but i refuse to go outright short as i dont trust the downside either.

my goal is to try and close out all positions i enter in the day and exit them first thing in the morning.

anyhow i just found the goldman research amusing. They were harping on tuesday to go fully back in and buy all dips.

my big loser this week, unforutnately is BAC. I was rotating some stuff into financials because i'm hoping raising rates will boost bank profits and dividends in the long run. unfortunately, rotated in too soon. very sad.