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Reply to "What Stocks do you like right now?"

i'm in a, take profit when i make a decent chunk, then sit on the side lines and let the world pass me by.

I was ~95-99% invested in stocks up until a month ago.

I'm down to ~60% in stocks unless there's an occasional stock that someone mentions and the #'s work out after looking into the co, in which case I'll move the cash I have sitting on the side lines into play for short term.

so nktr i'm out. Got in monday picked up those great gains monday and today. Out.

a majority of the stocks i currently sit on are consumer staples and big banks. I figure larger cap blue chips might go down but they still pay a dividend typically.

my personal hope is for a 5-10% correction before getting back in, but i've been saying that for the past month and missed out on some gains since i went to so much cash.

i still contribute income into SPY funds regardless as I consider that just better than putting money in a bank.

What i did go into though is large cap china stocks like tencent. They have so much cash sitting around and are just buying up everything, I'm hoping they take over all of china =). The returns for asian stocks so far have far outpaced US stocks.

TLBig GrinR, I'm sitting on a bunch of cash and not as sure as I was last year that the bull market had more to go.