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Reply to "What Stocks do you like right now?"

Originally posted by WineTrooper:
Why do you guys only give these brilliant recommendations to the rest of us after they go up 35%?

You could have at least shared CJ and WEED when they were worth $5 less per share. Smile

LOL...Weed has been on fire. I made 10 times my money on it the first time around but it has gone past that high now and I don’t ownFrown

As for CJ, I bought more the last few days. With oil at $57, they have a divvy that is fully sustainable and they can grow. In fact, the last time oil was this high, CJ was over $10 Canadian.

Other levered names in oil include BTE/CPG/CVE etc. If this is the dawn of a new bull, these have a long way to go!

A great tweet out there...

Energy Sector share of total mkt cap: 1/20/16 = 5.5%...Brent = $26. Energy Sector share of total mkt cap: today = 5.5%...Brent = $64.