Reply to "What's the timeline of your wine preferences and what's next?"

My parents didn't drink wine so I wasn't really introduced to it until I started working after college.  First experience was with Napa Cabs at work dinners.  I didn't care for them so I just thought I didn't like wine in general.  A couple of years later I tried my first aged Bordeaux and that wine really hit me.   That was right around the time I got really interested in cooking and exploring different kinds of food so wine was a natural compliment.   

- First few years was mainly focused on Bordeaux so I was reading anything and everything on the subject and 90% of my purchases were Bordeaux 

- Next came Brunello and Super Tuscans which was an easy transition from Bordeaux

- Right before and during my time in London is when I really expanded my interest in Champagne, Loire, White Burgundy, Northern and Sothern Rhone, Germany, Piedmont and Rioja. 

          - London was a master class in wine.  I met so many generous people that would pull amazing wines from their cellar to share.  The wine shops were great and you could consistently find wine with age.  Also there were endless off lines to chose from on anything from high end classic wines to more affordable interesting wines.  The bonus was its so easy to travel from there.  During that time we took 3 trips to Brunello, 1 to Bordeaux, 2 to the Rhone, 1 to Rioja and 1 to the Loire.  

Moved back to CA and didn't have 1 wine from CA in my cellar at that point and wasn't really interested in it.  A somm in NY recommended a pinot from Littorai that changed my mind.  That started a fun little journey through my home state finding producers making wines that were more my style. 

Last few years has been more focused on Red Burg.  I've always enjoyed it but something really clicked a few years ago and I now own more burg than anything else.  Wish I had started earlier on that one. 

Currently I really like the mix in my cellar which has a pretty diverse mix of regions and ages.  Don't buy as much as I used to but when I do it's mainly back filing Burg, N. Rhone and Piedmont.  I don't really follow wine the way I used to.  I don't read as much about new vintages, scores, etc.  More interested in learning about new producers from friends, retail relationships I've developed and trying new wines from restaurants with interesting lists.  Don't really offline as much anymore with young kids, busy job, etc.  But still love cooking and pairing wines at home.  I'm lucky in that my wife shares the same interest.  

That was my timeline.  And while I have started liking some regions more than others, my preferences or tastes really haven't changed.  There is not a region that I spent time on in the past that I don't like now.   The style of wine has always stayed the same.  I have pretty much always avoided bigger, fruity, darker wines no mater where they are from.