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Reply to "What's the timeline of your wine preferences and what's next?"

purplehaze posted:

Good thread.  I started, like g-man, with wine that really wasn't wine.

The first varietal that actually caught my attention was Zinfandel.  Flame on, biatches!   It was a fruity but tannic red wine that went well with BBQ, burnt meat and that was approachable for me as a "cocktail, " drink-by-itself wine.  

Now... my focus is on great older Italians, Bordeaux and high quality Champagne.  Great Spanish wines are an occasional pleasure.  Burgundy?  Still an expensive minefield for me.  I'll drink yours if you're opening it though!!    Especially if it's something you've already tried and can recommend.


This sounds like me! From swill to Zin to mostly Bordeaux, with Rhône taking the place of Italy.

Nothing like a 20-30 year old Bordeaux for complexity. So that’s what I have most of in the cellar, with bottles coming into maturity every year.

I tend to drink Napa cabs and CdP at 5-15 years, so don’t need as many of those in the cellar.