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Reply to "What's the timeline of your wine preferences and what's next?"

I started with boones and other flavored wine coolerd and white zins or jug wines back in tday.  From there went more seriously to napa cabs and ports.  My tastes have ventured to aussie shiraz, Oregon pinots, bdx, CDP, northern rhones, lots of German and Austrian whites, jumilla, Merlot heavier wines, Provence, rioja back to northern rhones in that order.  Dabbling occasionally in burgundy and a few italians here and there.

As I passed almost two decades of drinking wine, I think my journey has taken me back to really three regions that still intrigue me.

A well stored and aged Bordeaux.  There is nothing that can have the complexity, the evolution in a glass that I find great Bordeaux as achieving.

A properly aged port.  Similar to Bordeaux but even more impressive when you open that hundred year old btl that gives you hints of history in a bottle.  It was made in a different era!

Well aged rioja.  Nothing says classic, lithe like a good old rioja.  Fields of strawberries, some showing a little jamminess but impossiboy smooth and incredibly floral, a well aged rioja is one of the best food pairing wines I've found.

I've been fortunate recently to try one or two older 60s barolos and I'm starting to see the love there but alas the price is not conducive for drinking too much of that.

Ditto on the burgs, I've definitely had a wow burg that made me see what people are talking about but until I hit the lotto, probably not worth blowing a small fortune on it.

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