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What's the timeline of your wine preferences and what's next?

I'm pretty sure lots of people here drink diverse wines regularly, but don't we all have our favorites that stick around for months or years (or longer) and bought a lot of it still in our cellars? I was looking at my wines and noticed how it's changed over time. I have a small cellar of about 100 wines now and admit it's mostly all at a higher price point. More affordable daily drinkers stay at home with minimal temp control (dark cool closet).

  1.  California Napa cabs and cab blends, and this lasted easily the longest (I think lots of people start here(?))
  2. Domestic Pinot (rarely if ever buy this for my cellar anymore, but this was 2nd longest to Pinot)
  3. Grenache dominate CdP  (Champagne around this time as well but it's a tiny % of my wines).
  4. Domestic grenache. I still buy regularly.
  5. Lately I've been buying and drinking more domestic Syrah, and (French) Hermitage is turning into my absolute favorite along with Cote-Rotie.

    On my list to explore are more aged Bordeaux (though the price point might be out on this one), German Riesling. My experience with Italian and Spanish wine is limited and hasn't yet made the list of something to cellar.
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