Reply to "What's next after California Cab?"

So, the mini-consensus so far is that I (we) will move on from Cali Cab, but where to? Any predictions?

Why would you expect your palate to change if it means you won't like what you like now?

I liked chocolate cake when I was four. Still do.

I liked pineapple when I was four. Still do.

Why wouldn't you like what you like today?

In the best of worlds, you end up being exposed to more things and finding more things that you love. But you don't need to abandon what you like as if that means you're more "mature" or some such BS.

Sometimes a person's palate will change - he gets sick, has a stroke, etc., but fundamentally I think we like what we like. If you grew up eating chiles, you won't mind some heat in your food. If you grew up eating steamed rice all the time, maybe you don't want the heat, but if you do develop a taste for it, you don't abandon your earlier love.

I had a friend who collected a lot of Bordeaux. One day he realized he really didn't like it all that much. So after many years, he sold it off, took the money, and bought Cali cabs. He's been drinking those for at least 10 years or so, and he's happier than ever.

So maybe some CA cabs are a bit much. But some are also dammed good. I don't drink them every night - night before last we had a Barbera, last night we had a Rioja Reserva after going through a few dozen Portuguese wines and tonight I'm drinking a Cab Franc from Saumur. But I'm also quite happy to have a CA cab. No need to choose - just enjoy it all.