Reply to "What's in your garden in 2017?"

That's a hard act to follow, but I have to toot my wife's horn, who is the gardener:

Herb garden is looking great with the exception of the basil and peppers:
Strawberry...birds will probably get all of these.

Front yard...more in the landscape category (or the English use of 'garden'):
We put in d.g. with about 40 different types of succulents...ocotillo, aeniums, echevarria, lithops, calandrinia, aloes, ox tongue etc. Some are in beautiful full bloom and others budding. We lost about 5 with all of the rain we got. An amazing star jasmine climber on the patio. Various potted and planters, fig tree, cacti, etc. A small rockery with succulents, milkweed, lavender around a mature sago palm. Taming a bougainvillea, trained into a hedge with a bed of vincas et al.
A struggling potted Gardena...any tips?

Back yard is still a work in progress:
Various potted plants I don't know the name of
Site furnishing with flower beds
We planted three small citrus interspersed with 2 types purple flower bushes - clementine, eureka lemon (producing) and Bearss seedless lime...we got about 2 dozen of the best tasting, juiciest limes I've ever had. Useful for a tequila-drinking family.
Potted olive tree
Slightly unruly lawn
Sadly, an avocado tree we planted didn't make it.
A couple of other small trees.
And on a fence, a painted 'tree of life' with a sky blue background.