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Reply to "What's an aged Aussie Fruit Bomb taste like?"

Originally posted by PetiteSyrahFan:
I really am not sure about the aging ability of Aussie wines. While this is not a Shiraz, I did have a 1997 Clarendon Merlot last year, and it was ok, but well past its prime and it was declining rapidly.

When it comes to wines that can age, I have more confidence in the French, Spanish, American and Portugese wines. There are plenty of wines from each of these regions that can go past 20 years.

As for wines based on the Syrah, the only ones I would trust at this point to go past the 10 year mark are from France.

Um....Grange, Hill Of Grace, Mount Edelstone, St Henri, St Peters, Mount Langhi Ghiran, Dalwhinnie, Rockford Basket Press, Bests Bin 0 and Thompsons, Taltarni, Veritas Hanisch, Jasper Hill.....

In a good vintage, some of these I wouldn't touch before 10 years, and all will exceed 10 years effortlessly, most with improvement (assuming you like secondary characteristics in shiraz). Note that these are NOT "fruit bombs".

Stating Aussie wines don't age is like asking what a particular vintage is like in Oz. Big country, many varied styles - most of which aren't built for ageing, some of which are.

As for the original question, I don't really buy the style. I have a few early/mid 90's Grant Burge Meshachs in the cellar pegged for drinking soon - this is probably the closest to a "fruit bomb" style that I have, though I suspect they still have a little more structure than the Parker Point Chasers of today.