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Reply to "What's an aged Aussie Fruit Bomb taste like?"

Originally posted by indybob:
Anybody? I'm sure somebody's had 15-20 year old Aussie Fruit Bomb Shiraz.

Correct, they haven't been around for 15-20 years.

Some of the first examples I have tried have not faired well. The 94 Clarendon Hills I had at 8 years old had seen better days.

There has been much debate over the 98 Fox Creek Shiraz, some thinking it got better and some thinking it was going south.

One of the best early examples is the Bullers 1991 Callipoe Shiraz. That was a fruit bomb before the phrase had been coined. At 15 years of age it was drinking well and holding up with no problem. Whilst it had smooth out and softened beautifully, it certainly hadn't gained the complexity that you would expect and will say a quality Bordeaux.

If the wine has the structure to last, there is no reason why it why it wont last despite the high alcohol. The issue here is the ability of the person reviewing the wine to correctly pick the ageing ability of the label. There is also a huge difference between lasting and improving. Some of these fruit bombs will last but not very many of them will actually improve.