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Reply to "What kind of dog do you have?"

Originally posted by Rothko:
We have two dogs:

Josie is a mutt: some beagle in her, and Lord knows what else.

Rooney is also a mutt: we were told his mother was a long haired chihuahua, but he's bigger than a chihuahua.

Both dogs are rescue dogs. Josie was left in a box as a very young puppy at a fire station in Miami with several other members of the litter. Not all of them made it. Rooney was given to a foster when the family moved and couldn't take him to the new home.

Josie looks like a boy, and Rooney looks like a girl, so everyone always messes up who is who. And when people ask me what kinds of dogs are they, I respond: "They are brown dogs!"

Of course, they wheedle their way into your hearts so fast.

Of our 2, Latke was thrown by her owner over a fence into a vacant foreclosure property when she was about 3 months old must have weight 5-6 pounds at the time - fortunately someone saw and she was rescued and is the sweetest in the world with no memory whatsoever of what happened to her.

Babka was beaten by her original owner, had a very rough first 6 months of life and remembers everything even after 6 years of spoiled cushy living with us. She is normally loving and wonderful but has her moments