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Reply to "What kind of dog do you have?"

Originally posted by differentdave:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Bigfoot003:
LOL - I', 6'2", 200 lbs. My 2 dogs weigh #125 and #145, and for the record, the pound-for-pound badass in my house is a 9 lb Siamese cat. Trust me on this! Big Grin
my 7.5 pound cat owns my 54 pound lab. The cat ran the house until my son was born, now everyone cateers to him and he rules the house

I was just thinking about this very thing as I was perusing the posts sequentially.

We are completely (up til now) ignoring the threat of cats. Cats, Lions, Tigers...they all have the hunter/prowler gene and you never know when they could snap and turn on you.

A very unpredictable species indeed Wink