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Reply to "What kind of dog do you have?"

Originally posted by AZwineRyan:
Board-O, my wife and I are very close with our dog, and care for him deeply (as many dog owner's do).

I don't doubt that.

I'm angry? Ofcourse, why wouldn't I be? The problem here is that you are generalizing an entire breed of dog, and while doing so, insulting my dog - who you know nothing about but what I've said about him in this thread.

Yes, I'm generalizing an entire breed of dog. I said they're more, dangerous, unpredictable, and lethal than other breeds. I'm sure you're dog seems wonderful. I'm also sure it has a far greater potential of a vicious attack than the aforementioned cocker spaniel, and said attack would be far more vicious.

How would you feel if I for no good reason began to belittle and run down your children? I'm sure you'd be pretty dang angry too.

No, I wouldn't. You're welcome to say anything about my family or me that you want. I don't get angry here. I do get amusement froim the attempts.

Would I then try to belittle you for defending your children?

I don't really care what you say. Haven't I made that abundantly clear by now? Why would I care about what a person who takes his pit bull to play with babies has to say?