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Reply to "What kind of dog do you have?"

Originally posted by indybob:
The problem is when people generalize, and apply a couple of personal anecdotes to an entire class of people/animals/things. Many of the world's problems have sprung from such thinking, as we all know. Fox's story about the puppy mauling pit bull is as relevant as AZwineRyan's histdory with his dog's.

The problem is that guys like GA and BO easily apply Fox's story to their own canine ethos, while completely discounting AZWineRyan's history with his dog as irrelevant. I hope I'm never that close minded a person. Somehow, I doubt I'll have to worry about that.
The problem with your premise, is that I've witnessed these type of dogs commit attacks twice. Any dog can be aggressive, it's true. I'm pretty sure I can stop any aggressive cocker spaniel.

When you hit a dog in the face 7-8 times with an iron bar, and it doesn't let go of the creature it's mauling, it tends to change your perspective. It's pretty scaring knowing that the animal mauling your neighbors dog seems impervious to pain, and frankly could turn on you and maul you in an instant. If I'd thought about it, I would have gone inside, gotten my .357 magnum and shot it. That's what I would do next time after going through that event.

Now if your dog decides to attack someone, or something, I'd prefer to have a fighting chance at stopping it. Even good dogs bite if they're accidentally injured. You know, stepped on. They, like all creatures have a fight or flight response. The potential for injury from a fight response from dogs bred to be efficient at killing and maiming is simply too great.

Frankly, I wouldn't recommend letting toddlers play with any large breed dog, pit bull or otherwise. The risks are just too great.

I guess I just have a policy of not living with an apex predator in my home, other than me.