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Reply to "What kind of dog do you have?"

Originally posted by AZwineRyan:
Originally posted by Board-O:
So you own a pit bull and bring it over to play with your neighbors' toddlers. You've told us all we need to know about you (and your neighbors).

Ofcourse, because every Pit Bull is going to maul little children right, Board-O?

Oversimplification is a tool of a tool. I never said every one would, but they have a far greater potential than any other breed.

There's surely no loving and gentle Pit Bulls in existence huh, Board-O?

Oversimplification is a tool of a tool. I'm sure there are some, but they have a greater potential for sudden lethal violence than any other breed.

In your all-knowing experience with thousands of Pit's over the years, you have justly come to the scientific conclusion that all Pit's are mindless killers that will at any instant attack animals, people and children for no given reason, right?

Oversimplification is a tool of a tool. Now you're manufacturing "facts."

You're such a ridiculous piece of work.

Oversimplification is a tool of a tool. If being ridiculous is realizing the danger inherent in the breed, I plead guilty. To deny it is stupidity.

Board-O, you're a self-righteous f*cking moron. I'd love to tell you that personally the next time you're in AZ, or I'm in NY.

Resorting to obscenity is a tool of a tool. You see the anger in your response? (We all do.) I'm guessing you're part pit bull. I know I wouldn't you or your viscious animal near my children. Why don't you resume bragging about your entry level Lexus? You got less upset about that.