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Reply to "What is this section all about?"

Hi Eric,

Before I could get back to you, speedy GreenDrazi posted a link back to the explanation I gave on the Wine Conversations forum.

Here's the explanation:

With the Learn Wine forum, we're hoping to create a place where people who want to learn about wine can exchange questions and answers with people who know about wine.

The questions might be about putting together wine tastings, sensory evaluation, wine regions, grapegrowing, winemaking or even wine service. As we all heard in grade school, "There are no dumb questions."

We're hoping to make learning about wine easier for everyone. I’ll regularly join in the discussion and I’ll consult Tom Matthews and the rest of the editors whenever we need their expertise.

This forum is open to everyone, whether or not they've taken a course at Wine Spectator School. (Sure, you’ll find an ad for our courses at the top of the forum page, but the courses help pay for the electricity around here.)

Gloria (The Schoolmarm)