Reply to "What do you think of the article?"

I was somehow under the incorrect impression that I was entitled to my opinion as much as any one else is. I must have been wrong.

However, none of your wonderfully articulate responses has changed MY OPINION that RP is my choice of wine evaluators.

This does NOT mean:
- that he has never missed on a rating
- that I buy or drink only what he or any one else rates highly
- that I think you should buy only his high ratings, or
-that any one (including RP) ever dictates my wine choices, or should yours.

I believe some posters on here have great knowledge about wines. Some, imo, are just full of it. If some of you think that RP's impressions are out of whack, you are certainly able to have that opinion. That is, however, only your opinion, not an indisputable fact.

Bottom line, until any one or more of you start buying my wine for me (which you are welcome to do at any time) I do not give a flip for what you think of my opinion of RP or any thing else - including RP. Again, it is just MY OPINION.