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Reply to "What do you do about poor wine service?"

Originally posted by Rothko:
I agree that it was poor wine service for the waitress to pour the entire bottle out on the first serve.

Did this impact your decision to buy a second bottle?

In bobbyc's case, it appears that the server deliberately filled up the other four glasses and gave a short pour to bobbyc in order to sell a second bottle. In this case, it doesn't appear to be as blatant. You could chalk it up to poor training.

What I am curious about is whether you think that you might not have ordered that second bottle, but for the server's actions.

I have been at some restaurants where I notice some aggressive bottle pouring before the main course is served. I suspect they do that in order for you to run out of wine as you begin the main course, thereby resulting in the purchase of a second bottle. If you run out of wine when everyone is finishing their meal, you are less likely to go ahead and spring for another bottle.

The white was to accompany our starters. We were going to move onto reds after a glass or so of white. So no.

If we run out of wine towards the end of our main course, I generally try to get a feel for what everyone wants to do. If we want another bottle, I will normally chose a different bottle. I almost never order the same bottle twice. It is nice to try as many different wines as possible! Smile