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Reply to "What distilled beverage are you drinking?"

thistlintom posted:

Did a couple of bourbon tours in Louisville area.  Tastings included

Rabbit Hole- pretty new company making good products

-Two bourbons - Heigold and Cavehill -- both very good

-Rye Whiskey - Boxergrail

-An Aged London Gin - very different taste, less juniper and quite good

Buffalo Trace

-Buffalo Trace Bourbon - pretty good for value

-Eagle Trace Bourbon - very good, good price, hard to find

=White Dog - unaged whiskey - was ok and strong

=Bourbon Cream - like a Baileys, pretty tasty

=Wheatley vodka - pretty smooth

Woodford Reserve

-Woodford Reserve bourbon

-Woodford Reserve Double Oaked bourbon- step above the Reserve

-Rye Whiskey- pretty good and not as hot/peppery as other ryes


All in all the tours were fun and each different.  I liked Rabbit Hole tour the best.




Good to know. My friend and I are going there next week. Rabbit Hole is on the list for Louisville.  We plan to roam around town the first day, and then later renting a car and head down toward Bardstown, hitting some places on the way. The guided tours I looked at charged more for one ticket, than the car cost for 3 days.