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Reply to "What distilled beverage are you drinking?"

Originally posted by Longboarder:
Spent the weekend in Lexington and Louisville. Had a chance to taste the following:

William Larue Weller (2016 release) - Extremely flavorful. At 134.5 proof it didn't taste that hot. Most intense flavor of the collection.

Thomas Handy Sazarac (2016 release) - 126.2 proof and a spicier than normal version of this bottling. Best neat with no water.

Sazarac 18 year (2016 release) - Smooth as silk and cut to 90 proof as always. So little production it is getting almost impossible to procure.

George T. Stagg (2016 release) - Always up there in alcohol with this year's release being 144.1 proof. Need a splash of water to open up the flavors masked by the alcohol. A really excellent release of this bourbon.

Eagle Rare 17 year (2016 release) - I have always loved this bourbon going back to my first bottle which was the 2008 release. Extremely flavorful and smooth as silk. I loved this.

I learned something about the Antique Collection during this trip. These are the only Buffalo Trace products that the corn oil (fat) is not skimmed prior to bottling. This must add an element to the finish as the flavors linger for minutes. If you have the chance to tour the distillery definitely go.

Very nice!!!