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Reply to "What distilled beverage are you drinking?"

Originally posted by MoselleLuxemburg:
... and from a box containing 12 different Japanese Nikka Whiskies in 40ml glass tubes :
Nikka All Malt
Nikka Miyagikyo 10

(funny box, containing:
Nikka All Malt,
Nikka from the barrel,
Super Nikka,
Nikka Pure Malt Red,
Nikka Pure Malt Black,
Nikka Pure Malt White,
Nikka 17 Taketsuru,
Nikka 21 Taketsuru,
Miyagikyo 10,
Yoichi 10,
Miyagikyo 15,
Yoichi 15)
Lots to explore, in the weeks to come...

Interesting. I've never had Japanese whiskey. What are your thoughts? Is it like scotch, or more like American whiskeys?