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Reply to "What distilled beverage are you drinking?"

Nothing as impressive as Longboarder's tasting (your SiL married well and at least I have both your second place finishers), but some recent value and summer selections.

I had drunk up a lot of my standard single malts and was having a hard time paying $15-20 more to replace them, so researched a bit to see what I could get that might be as good, but cost less.  Mostly hits with a miss or two, with the hits being

GlenDronach 15

Deanston 12

Compass Box The Spice Tree

Benromach 10 (light peat a la HP)

GlenGoyne Cask Strength 58.8%

Bourbon is always a much easier value proposition, with recent newbies being

Very Old Barton 90 prf

Old Ezra 7 Barrel Strength 58.5% (Heaven Hill juice)

Elijah Craig barrel pick (hadn't had the regular 94 prf in some time but this was really nice)

Given the FL summer, I moved my Islays off the shelf to make room for the above and some new rum.

Barbancourt 5 Star 8 year (the cognac of rum)

Foursquare 2004 59% (I add a fair amount of water to this)




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