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Reply to "What did you have for lunch?"

Originally posted by KSC02:
Lobster cream Cappuccino with truffle shavings

Seared Quebec Foie gras, root vegetable puree, Buna-shimefi and chips, Morel mushroom emulsion, veal jus flavored with arabic-arpegio coffee
(2002 Bouchard Pere & Fils Marconnets, Beaune )

Slowly braised veal cheeks, citrus flavored suce, fondant potatoes and parsnip puree with a pamesan chees emulsion
(1999 Guado al Tasso) (a stunning food pairing! Cool)

A selection of 3 indivual desserts served in shot glasses (chocolate, coffee, berries)
(1994 Smith Woodhouse VP)

For lunch??? Holy cow, son. Nice!!