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Reply to "What concerts have you been to lately?"

Originally posted by bomba503:
Originally posted by Arsenal4ever:
Need to ask - what are the acoustics like at Qualcomm? Saw many concerts at Sports Arena and also Balboa (dates me). It's outdoor - so is it decent or does it matter?

Just WOW!!!!!! Easily the best acoustics and sound quality of any outdoor concert Ive ever been to and maybe the best including indoor venues. T dub attended the concert in Phoenix 2 days earlier and said the sound quality did not compare. In addition to their music U2 is backed by the best crew in the business. The 200 ft wide HD screen that backed their performance of the Joshua Tree album was visually breathtaking with clarity bordering on 4K tv's.

The set list was perfect starting with Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year's Day, Bad and Pride on the remote stage which we were 20 ft from dead center on the floor. Then they return to the main stage and launch into the Joshua Tree. They took a short break before returning for a 7 song encore set that blew me away!

Miss Sarajevo - Ive been following set lists and they have only played this rarely on this tour. I was hoping to hear it for the first time ever live and was overjoyed. A very emotional song particularly with the inclusion of the Pavarotti portions included in the background.

Beautiful Day - a recent standard and crowd favorite

Elevation - just rocks

Vertigo - rocks even harder

You're the Best Thing About Me - new song and played acoustically for the first time live because Bono's wife was in attendance and he wanted to feel like he was singing it directly to her

Ultraviolet - a favorite of mine with The Edge killing it on the guitar solos

One - wrapping it up with one of their all time ballads the crowd singing along

This was the last stop on the tour and they went out with a flawless performance! I could do that everyday and be a very happy man

Very nice.