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Reply to "What concerts have you been to lately?"

Originally posted by billhike:
Originally posted by Rob_Sutherland:
Was just offered fantastic seats to see Korn. Doesn't matter how great the seats are and the fact that they were free, you would have to pay me a fairly significant amount of money to attend.

Great of the guy to offer but...

Saw them a long time ago. Though I've only spent a few hours with you, I can see Korn not being your thing. Big Grin

Guessing Bono just had a bad night or maybe a cold for your U2 show. He sounded really good when we saw them last month.

Are you saying Rob wouldn't make a good Freak on a Leash? I guess I'd see Korn for free, but wouldn't pay to see them.

This weekend is a geriatric weekend for me...Rod Stewart tomorrow night (for wife) and Monday (yea, I know not weekend), Paul McCartney (for me)

Need to start clearing some of my backlog:

Rod Stewart
Paul McCartney

Lionel Ritchie

Green Day
Brad Paisley
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