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Reply to "What concerts have you been to lately?"

Originally posted by patespo1:
U2 Saturday night in Cleveland. I enjoyed this a bit more than the Pittsburgh show a few weeks ago, the crowd (and band) seemed a bit more ready to 'rock out'. I think because it was the last show on this leg of the North American tour.

Stunning visuals again accompanied excellent sound. Bono needed a song or two to get his voice warmed up, but the band was on point from start to finish. The Edge absolutely shredded Bullet in the Blue Sky.

I hope Vino Bevo chimes in as he was at the show as well (will meet up next time or down in Austin!).

If you have the opportunity to see the next leg when they come back to North American, you should spend the money and go.

Saw them in Toronto a few weeks ago. Wonderful show and as everyone has said, while it's my least favorite song on the album, they absolutely rocked Bullet in the Blue Sky. Got the bucket list check mark (one I never thought I was going to get to check) of hearing Redhill mining town live. Even though I don't like the remix they did it was still that song and live so...

Bono's voice is shot unfortunately. I've heard him many times through the years and that night he couldn't hit a number of notes and either went down an octave, had the Edge fill in or the crowd did. He was also a bar early in three different songs which was surprising.

Still, great show and the Lumineers were a great opening.