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U2 at The Rose Bowl

Impression? Seeing them for the 1st time in just under 2 weeks at Soldier Field. We'll be on the field.

Sure but with some caveats. Ive seen then over 20 times going back to early 80's so I do have some biases. While I strongly prefer the more intimate arena shows, any U2 concert is always a great experience and this one was as I love the album. I had 4 tix but ended up selling two and taking my 13 year old daughter as she's been dying to see them. My son bailed for a prom a week before and my GF/her son werent interested. I had seats in the back corner but lower bowl which provided a great vantage point for the staging and multi media. Had I not planned on taking kids my preference is ALWAYS GA on the floor/field so you made a good choice and should enjoy that aspect. I also always stand on the left (looking at the stage) as that is where The Edge plays and he is a major part of the show for me. I'd recommend that highly. Im kinda torn between trying to be up close to the stage vs a little back to enjoy the backdrop during the Joshua Tree album. Thats up to you but both would be great.

On to the show. They open with 4 or 5 five songs on a smaller B stage which extends out into the field. Great songs but stripped down with no special production. This was my least favorite part of the show. Mostly due to my vantage point (similar to 117 at Soldier Field) but up close down on the field would be very different and far better. If you can snuggle up on the field left of that B stage but behind the red zone you would be in prime position.

After that they went back to the main stage and played the Joshua Tree straight through with a massive video screen playing a staring role. This was my favorite part of the show by far. I also loved hearing the lesser played B side songs as that was a big treat for this long time fan.

Once they finished the album they took their bows and left for a break before encores. They typically take a 10 minute break and the guy I sold the tickets to expecting that left for bathroom break but they came back a minute or two later so dont do what he did.

They played 7 songs in the encore set of which I stayed for only 3 and listened to the rest on our way out because i had to get my daughter home for an early audition call back and getting out of the Rose Bowl with over 90,000 people would have been a 2 to 3 hour nightmare. Without kids Id plan on staying for the whole thing as any surprises would likely come here and Soldier Field has better egress. The show should be 22 to 23 songs. Expect them to hit the stage around 8:40 and off promptly around 11:00.

Sound quality was a bit of an issue on themassive outdoor facility compared with indoor shows but still solid. They are still working their way through some kinks but should be more finely tuned by CHI.

Overall expect a very fun but structured and predictable show ( will give you a pretty spot on set list) with some political commentary sprinkled through out.

I checked the seating chart for your show. If you are able to Id shoot to stand in the general area in front of sections 140 to 136 about 1/3rd of the way in from the stands. If yu want to try for closer have at it but that would be my prime location for a show like this.

Enjoy the lads!