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The Musical Box at Massey Hall

Recreation of a 1973 "Selling England By The Pound" tour concert.

Genesis tribute band from Montreal. They've been at it for 23 years. They do spot on recreations of classic Genesis concerts.

I believe they're unofficially sanctioned by the members of Genesis, and they purchased the original sets, props and costumes from the band. Everything is identical to the original performances, including the stage setup, the instruments played by the band, and the banter between songs.

Peter Gabriel brought his kids to see them once so they could understand what their dad used to do for a living.

The musicianship is incredible across the board, and the guy who does Gabriel is eerily good - both his look and his voice.

This is the performance they recreated last night:

Thanks for sharing. Watching it now and its sending chills down my spine. I was too young to catch these shows back in the day but my brother (4 years older than I) went to them and told me all about them. I always wished I could have seen the original theatrical Genesis shows. Does that band tour the US at all?

Update: Google is my friend. Playing 30 minutes up the road in FebSmile
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