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Reply to "What concerts have you been to lately?"

Originally posted by BOMBA503:
Finally have time to post about the Springsteen concert in Ft Lauderdale. We went as guests of one of the original band members who is a close friend of one of my friends. Bruce and the E Street band was great as always but I found the concert very different than patespo. We had some of the best seats in the house on the first level, several rows up on the corner of the stage where bands always put friends.

Ive been to countless Bruce concerts including opening night of the original River Tour in Ann Arbor. The River has always been one of my least favorite albums. The first two hours they played all the songs on The River (a double album) in order straight through. I found the concert to be plodding if not a bit boring, rushed and uninspired. Maybe 1/3rd of the songs are rocking and the rest are simply meh. The energy in the crowd was nowhere near what it is for a Philly, NY or even LA area show. They simply seemed to be mailing it in this night.

Once they got through the 2 hour River set they launched into another 1 hour and 20 minutes of some of their greatest hits. This is where the show got interesting and started to rock. But still it never reached the heights or energy level of other shows Ive been to over the years.

All things considered, its always a treat to see Bruce and band. They played 3 hours and 20 minutes straight through. It was cool hanging with a few guys in the band before the show and they are professionals unlike most bands. It just wasn't up to the lofty standards I've experienced in the past. Call it an 89 pointer.

Bomba, the crowd in Cleveland was energized, and you got the sense that Bruce and the band were feeding off of it.

My father and I attended the show, and we both are fans of the River album. So there is one difference in our mindset for the evening. The song, The River, has always carried special meaning to my father, as much of it parallels things in his life. I actually liked some of the slower points in the beginning, I thought it was something different from Bruce. A nice juxtaposition to what was to come in the 2nd half.

As you noted, after The River album was played, they went through a greatest hits and our crowd was highly engaged. His version of Youngstown is always well received in our area, and since a good portion of my family is in the steel industry, it always hits home. Born to Run was as raucous as ever. He was even forgiven for initially saying hello Pittsburgh, then quickly correcting himself. As close to a mortal sin as you can get in Cleveland.

For me it was a 95+, but sounds like what he played was more in my wheelhouse. We were upper level but right by one of the ends of the stage, the sound wasn't the best I have ever heard, but I wonder if it was our positioning in the arena.

One thing to note, he is releasing all of these concerts on CD, they are coming out about a month after the shows.