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Reply to "What concerts have you been to lately?"

Mozart's Jupiter Symphony - meh. The evening started off great with steak frits and a bottle of 2006 Jadot Morgon Cote de Py at Le Select. Got better with some Giraud with dessert. Then with my first bad Uber experience, the driver wouldn't follow my directions to go west 2 blocks to get up to King but insisted on heading south on Spadina towards Front. We finally got close enough to walk and enter the hall 1 minute before the concert. Seats were cheap seats in the mezzanine, so it was sprint the stairs after a quick pit stop. So much for going to the restaurant 2 hours early to a relaxed dinner to transition to the concert.

Once the concert started, the plebs in the mezzanine decided it was time to shuffle in their seats, chat with their date, and otherwise be disruptive. The orchestra is smaller for Mozart and the sound isn't as big as say Beethoven or other more modern composers, so from the distance of the mezzanine, whispers and rustling seems relatively louder, even over the cacophony of coughing and throat clearing....

The first have of the concert consisted of two arias from Don Giovanni and were good (one better than the other). Then there was a piano piece. By then I'd heard enough Mozart for one night.... just too much of the same thing repeated as nausea, without remarkable themes or melodies...

Jupiter Symphony was unremarkable for the most part. The build up to the ending went on for what seemed to be an eternity - never going anywhere, never developing anything, just building in volume until going sideways for a bit, only to start over and repeat the process - about 6 times. It was like going up an old time slow chairlift into at stiff wind in -20, and hoping the ending was just over the next rise, only to see yet another dip and another rise and possible ending or disappointment. Any who have ridden the main chair at Smugglers in the old days will know what I mean.

On the upside, I did learn a few things, so it wasn't a total waste.

1)If you know the traffic is good one way and not the other and the Uber guy won't cooperate, don't get in or get out.

2)Don't buy cheap seats on the boxing week sale for the Symphony. Stick to mid-way up the middle on the main floor. People there come to hear the music, not each other, and the sound is better from there anyway. A a bonus, you can actually see the pianist playing.

3) Mozart makes great background music. It would have been delightful during dinner in the background, but more than one piece at a concert is too much.

4) In contrast, Beethoven makes lousy background music, because it is so dynamic, but is great to listen to at a concert. I knew this one, but experiencing the opposite with a full night of Mozart was a good reminder: Full night of Beethoven - great. Mozart - makes sure it's a mixed program with a bit of Mozart.

All is not lost if one learns something, and the steak frits and Beaujolais were great.