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Reply to "What concerts have you been to lately?"

Originally posted by BOMBA503:
My two favorites bman!

If I could only take one album to a desert island it would be Exile on Main Street. The Stones have always been my favorite band to listen to.

Exile is also my fave. My first Stones concert was the Exile tour in Toronto with Stevie Wonder opening the show.

That was July 15, 1972 - gulp - 43 years ago this Wednesday!

Among other 70s Stones concerts I saw (including the infamous "concert for the blind" in Oshawa Ontario), I was at a show at the stadium in Buffalo in the late 70s I believe.

Remarkable that they're still at it, and from what I've heard of the recent shows, they may not have the energy of their youth, but they sound more musical than they did 20 years ago.