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Reply to "What concerts have you been to lately?"

Originally posted by BOMBA503:
Clearly I'm not the only one who saw the irony there. Writing some one off after watching them perform a few minutes on SNL has got to be the pinnacle of pretentiousness.

Sunny, I got your point the first time. Clarification wasn't needed but was appreciated. Fwiw, it wasn't directed at you.

Btw, just finished Vatican tour. Most painful experience of the trip but necessary to skip the line. Would have been much better to roam around ourselves. Much better.

Sitting in the roam recovering before a nice dinner out

Obviously I've heard them throughout my life, they're frequently played in many places. Simply put--they suck.

I gave you a basic game plan for seeing the Sistine Chapel--which would have then worked for the Vatican. I'm full of wisdom about music and other things.