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Reply to "What concerts have you been to lately?"

Originally posted by The Old Man:
Originally posted by bman:
Of course, to each their own when it comes to taste, be it music or wine, but there is no questioning Heart's commercial and critical success measured by sales and Grammy nominations at least:

Dreamboat Annie (1976) – 100 weeks on chart, multi-platinum selling

· Little Queen (1977) – 41 weeks on chart, multi-platinum selling

· Magazine (1978) – 25 weeks on chart, platinum selling

· Dog & Butterfly (1978) – 36 weeks on chart, multi-platinum selling

· Greatest Hits Live (1980) – 25 weeks on charts, multi-platinum selling

· Heart (1985) – 92 weeks on charts, five times platinum selling, Grammy nominated

· Bad Animals (1987) – 50 weeks on charts, three times platinum, two Grammy nominations

· Brigade (1990) – 49 weeks on the charts, multi-platinum selling, Grammy nominated

Just sayin'........ Smile

Well if I thoughts sales or Grammy's (which I think even less than than the Academy Awards) were an indicator of quality I guess I'd be impressed.

Not sure what other objective measures exist but like I said, in matters of personal taste, to each their own! Smile I sometimes (but very rarely) drink Canadian wine and am not ashamed to admit it! Wink